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Press Release: “Change Your Food,¬†Change Your Life!” DVD


Jill explains how her speaking “career” started and her DVD …

“I began teaching workshops at Wild Oats grocery store, I did a 2 week nutritional seminar for 14 volunteers at a local company. I got into my son’s 2nd grade classroom one hour a week to facilitate the most awesome food curriculum (Food Is Elementary) and I spoke at my women’s group. I worked on that speech for 6 months at least. I worked on it so long and hard that it was suggested that I video tape it.

Here’s where it helps to have talented friends, as we do in the Awesome Bill Youmans, Big time Chicago Director, who came out to tape my presentation. I was proud of my hard work and the factual basis of the video yet another seed was planted when friend said she wanted to know more! She wanted to know how I made those fruit smoothies I talked about on the video. My vision was expanded and we added segments from 2 grocery stores, 3 restaurants, and 3 cooking demonstrations from my kitchen in Hinsdale, Illinois.

The ‘Change Your Food, Change Your Life’ DVD and website have only come about because I’m a lucky gal. I have a wonderful family and plenty of supportive, motivating, dynamic girlfriends who inspire me to do more with my passion for this subject. I’m especially grateful for Vida Haried & Carol Little who have seen me slowly change and kept right on pumping me up with more information and new recipes to get excited about. I’m so so grateful for all the doctors and researchers out there that are more concerned for human health and the truth than for profits.

I also hope to get more people looking at their school lunch program and taking action with Dr. Demas’s ‘Food Is Elementary Curriculum’, it’s awesome!”

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