Vegan Gal DVD: “Change Your Food, Change Your Life”

Our “Change Your Food, Change Your Life” DVD offers easy steps to a healthier lifestyle

Jill Ovnik, president and founder of, produced the “Change Your Food, Change Your Life” DVD to offer the average person insight to healthier eating. Ovnik’s DVD is enlightening and entertaining. The eighty minute DVD is full of helpful information and tips that range from grocery shopping ideas and smart restaurant choices to step-by-step recipes that can be created at home.

The DVD is full of Helpful Information & Tips:

Ovnik explains, “My goals are to share the changes that I have made with food and get people excited about plant-based foods. Becoming a vegetarian and then a vegan has changed my body inside and out, my mind, my heart, and my soul for the better. And the best part is that I enjoy food now more than ever!”

You do not have to be a vegan or vegetarian to benefit from the information presented in the “Change Your Food, Change Your Life” DVD. It is full of ideas and suggestions that can benefit anyone – young and old alike. David Gronowski, National Sales Manager for Movie Facts Inc, who recently attended one of Ovnik’s seminars, said, “Jill’s information has inspired me to make changes in my eating habits. Her style is fun and direct without being preachy!”

John McDougall, a medical doctor and founder of the McDougall Program in Santa Rosa, California, states, “A low-fat, plant-based diet is the most powerful medicine you can take to regain lost health and appearance. Jill Ovnik’s friendly and practical manner of teaching will help you easily make the long overdue transition to a constructive style of eating.”

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Ovnik is not a medical doctor or dietician. She is just a woman looking for a better way to live. Ovnik, who struggled with her weight and energy level for years, was introduced to a vegetarian and is now 30 pounds lighter with greatly increased energy levels, which, as a mother of three, is a daily incentive to remain healthy.

Other Videos

The Rave Diet and Lifestyle — Book and Eating DVD by Mike Anderson – The first part of the book is an excellent summary of the detrimental consequences (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc) of our typical eating patterns and the dangerous fad diets that abound today. The second part provides the details of the Rave Diet. With amazing simplicity and a few changes in our lifestyle we can obtain optimal health and even reverse disease. The book is very easy reading and well grounded in scientific research.

“A brilliant program. Provides an easy and engaging path to health through good food. I highly recommend it. Neal Barnard, M.D.

“A mind blowing video experience that will forever change the way you think about food.” Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

“I want to both congratulate and to thank you [the author]. You’ve done us all a major service.” John Robbins, author of “Diet for New America”



Healthy Cooking Made Easy & Delicious DVD by Jill Harrington – Review by Lynn Grudnik – Do you want some motivation and support to help you with the Natural Hygiene diet and lifestyle? Do you need to know how to make healthy food fast? This is just the thing for you. The emphasis of Jill’s DVD is simplicity and ease. She doesn’t even use a measuring cup or spoon.

Jill will show you how easy it is to make healthy and delicious food from unprocessed natural ingredients. All recipes are free of animal products, dairy, egg, gluten, wheat, oil, soy, salt, sugar and flour. What’s left? You’ll be amazed. Even the camera crew loved Jill’s food.

Professionally filmed and edited, the colors are vibrant and alive, and watching just makes you want to eat more fruits and veggies.


Vegetarian Cooking With Compassionate Cooks DVD (Vegan) by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and Alka Chandna – For your health, the earth, the animals, and your taste buds! Colleen Patrick-Goudreau and Alka Chandna, the hosts of this engaging, energetic, and informative DVD, demonstrate tantalizing yet easy-to-make vegan dishes and desserts, along with lots of nutrition facts and shopping tips.Featuring a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate, Colleen and Alka emphasize fast and healthful meals, create decadent dairy-free desserts, demystify tofu and other soy products, and present an elegant menu for the holidays or any special occasion. (DVD; total playing time: 69 minutes.)

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