Everything but the ‘Kitchen Sink’ Salad


I m soooo excited to eat my salad today!! Here is what is in it:

Celery, lettuce, red pepper, radish, leftover cooked broccoli and potato from this past weekend, cucumber, leftover quinoa & black bean patty from the April newsletter, zesty tahini dressing from the June newsletter (out soon) and vegan blue cheese dressing from the May newsletter.

I LOVE to shake up all my salad in a large container with lid to distribute the dressing evenly. (Plus the shaking is fun!) Salads need never be boring. Having homemade dressings on hand and some leftover potatoes, brown rice or beans will just make your salad a MEAL you Really look forward to because those foods really satisfy – and will keep you very FULL for a long time!! Seriously FULL and happy 🙂

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