Reboot – Detox Weekend

Jumpstart weight loss and refresh body and mind with an easy two-day cleansing diet. Get away from your home-life distractions to give youhead shot TCPr body a real break from all caffeine, sugar, flours, wheat, dairy, processed, chemicals, additives and alcohol.

All inclusive cleansing foods and drinks plus accommodations $395.00 for the weekend (Friday afternoon- Sunday afternoon January 11-13th, 2013)

We’ll take a slow and easy pace for this relaxing and quiet cleansing weekend. Main fluids will be lots of filtered water infused with lemon, cucumber and chia seed, herbal tea to calm before bedtime and smoothies made with fresh greens and fruit.

Pack for calming activities: fun reading, yoga gear, walking shoes, knitting, lotions after warm showers, napping, pretty journal and pens, etc..

We’ll keep the meals and snacks very simple: Lots of steamed and raw vegetables, brown rice, lentils, sweet potatoes and fresh fruit. No salt, no sugar.

Want a Real Exercised Weekend? 

There is an 8 million dollar fitness facility just 5 minute drive from the mansion for those guests who would like to partake in classes like zumba, spin or pilates, treadmills, saunas, and swimming. An extra $10 fee per day will allow you to customize a schedule with Jill’s personal assistance to get the very most from your detox weekend.

There will also be a variety of exercise DVDs to use on site. Jill can help you find and set your own pace for the weekend.

Each person will go home with a 3 day personalized plan and shopping list to continue the process.Arundelgood
Blessings to your health,
Jill Ovnik, C.F.E.

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