Cheap, easy, vegan lunch costs $3.45!

I adore the Earthbound Farm Organic Herb Blend salad mix. The little bits of fresh dill and cilantro just make me happy. When I’m on the go or working from home, having these fresh baby greens for lunch seems like the best form of health insurance. I use half of the container of greens with leftover brown rice, potatoes, can of beans or hearty bread to bring me to full satisfaction mode. Yummy! Plus, dressings can be elaborate if I’m home blending fresh ginger, garlic, other veggies etc…

Here is my simple, simple recipe and the cost breakdown:

Cheap Vegan Lunch $3.45

Lots of good nutrition, flavor and satisfaction!! Try it!

1/2 package mixed green salad    $1.90

1/2 avocado, chopped                       .75

1/2 lemon, juiced                               .25

1 large russet potato, baked              .55

1 Tbls. salad dressing of choice  (negligible cost)

few shakes of an herb blend mix (negligible cost)


Place all ingredients into a bowl and mix or use a tupperware with tight fitting lid and shake it all up, hard and fast, to distribute flavors. Enjoy.

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