Microwave NO FAT Potato Chips

Wow! No Fat Potato chips in 5 minutes?!!! Yes, that’s right, uh huh… I love coming across little gems of ideas and then having them work out! Jolie and I are gobbling these up fairly often but you have to work with your microwave on the timing. For us the 1st batch takes about 6 minutes but the second one is 5. Any more and they are burnt. Tried it without the parchment paper but then they stuck right to the plate so that didn’t work. Next venture will be with sweet potatoes/spicy seasoning!

Microwave Potato Chips

No Fat in these fast, yummy potato chips!


how to make fat free potato chips

fold the parchment paper under and over the potato slices

5 Minute Fat Free Potato Chips!

Done! 5 Minute Fat Free Potato Chips!










1/2 of 1 small raw red potato, sliced paper thin (I use a pampered chef slicing tool)

1/8 tsp. or less of salt, garlic powder and paprika (you decide…)

Cut the potatoes as thin as possible. (microwave times will vary depending on this aspect so experiment with what tool you are using and your microwave). Line a microwave safe plate with parchment paper. Lay down the potatoes without overlapping. Sprinkle with the seasonings or make up your own! Layer a second piece of parchment or fold over a larger piece to cover. Try your 1st batch at 6 minutes. Second batch should take a shorter time and you may want to use new parchment after that. Some “chips” may be softer while others will be crunchy.


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