No pre-soaking oven-baked beans!

I was so excited to make a big pot of beans in the oven without pre-soaking or even pre-boiling! My friend Evelyn had just done it the other night and they were so delicious! I wasn’t very exact with the time spent in the oven because of making lunch in the middle of cooking time… but I will be doing this again and again!  I used a big glass casserole dish. Evelyn had a nice clay-type. I think a regular deep casserole with lid would work as long as there is plenty of room in the dish.

cooking beans easy

No pre-soak beans in the oven

I placed these dried white beans I had in a glass casserole dish and added quite a bit of water. I added some salt. Evelyn said 1 part beans to 3 or 4 parts water, (I figured a little more is best with the water!) 325 for about 4 hours is a good place to work with. You may want to give a stir at 2 hours and then again at 3 hours checking the water content.

They are so so tasty good! Yumm. I was eating them with just a little salt and then with some red grapes. I will let cool and freeze in 1 1/2 cup servings which will equal about 1 can in recipes. YAY. Love to learn new stuff!


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